New Role for Me

February 13, 2011

Just became a vestry member for the first time. Should be interesting?


(another, different verse on my mind)

December 8, 2009

When he saw Jesus, he cried out and fell at his feet, shouting at the top of his voice, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?  I beg you, don’t torture me!”

Luke 8:28

New Rector starts tomorrow morning

August 1, 2009

And we have a SHE!  I’m kind of excited to finally get a new rector in place so we can start the next chapter of our parish life with some degree of stability and forward-looking-ness, and yes I know that isn’t a word, but you get the idea!

But this is our first female rector, so it’s especially interesting, and corner turning.  Stay tuned!

Greyhound Rescue Dog?

April 23, 2009

I’ve been reading up a little on retired racing greyhounds.  My city has an active rescue group, and they do meet and greets at a local pet store periodically….foster families and the dogs, I presume?  I’m going to one this Saturday, I think.

I would ordinarily lean toward a smaller dog…medium sized, probably not toy.  But what I read about greyhounds surprised me!  More than one site identified them as 40 mph couch potatoes.  Couch potatoes!  Who’d a thunk it!  We’re sort of couch potatoes.  Low shedding, little doggy odor, even when wet.  Don’t bark much.  Cuddles with pillows and whatnot.  I don’t know…I may have found my doggie type???

Anyone with experience or stories to share?  I’d love to hear them.  Stepson’s wedding is in mid-June, and then the dog adoption process can get underway – no further travel plans for the foreseeable future.  The kids are getting so excited about getting a dog again.  I am too!

Which Bible translation for you?

February 23, 2009

Check this compare-n-contrast of your favorite Bible translations.

Labeling update

February 18, 2009

(like you’d even care?)

But I’m doing it, slowly but baby-step by baby-step surely.  I’m organizing my paper tiger.  That labeler gimmick might just have something going for it!  I’ve gone through one label cartridge and one set of batteries (okay, they were partly used, and not alkaline) and still going strong.  A small, but significant victory for this perennial procrastinator to mark and rejoice in.  Yippee!!!

(updated book pages at site)

January 8, 2009

I’ve updated my books I’m reading and books I recommend pages, accessible from the top of the page at my website, if you’re following along by email or RSS and are interested.  I’m especially interested in two new books I’ve picked up, for vastly different reasons:  that classic time-management tome, Getting Things Done and a 30-day devotional selected from the writings of one of my favorite saints, Therese of Lisieux.  Now, if someone will just tell me how to pronounce Lisieux, so I can speak aloud of her, and not just in writing?  <smile>