Credit for Chittister Quotes

If you’re here, you were probably linked here by my Twitter account, when I started sharing quotes from the following book:

The Rule of Benedict: Insights for the Ages, by Joan Chittister.

Anyway, it’s hard to give credit in 140 characters or less! :)

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Tweeted on 5/6/09 as The family is not just a routine relationship; it is our sanctification. Work is not just a job; it is our exercise in miracle making” from the jan.5-may 6-sept.5 meditation

Tweeted on 5/6/09 as “God is not captured.God is in the Here & Now. It is we who are not;trapped in past,angry at what formed up,fixated on future (J Chittister)” . Original from jan.5-may 6-sept.5 meditation:  God is neither cajoled nor captured, the rule makes plain. God is in the Here and Now in Benedictine spirituality. It is we who are not. It is we who are trapped in the past, angry at what formed us,  fixated on a future that is free from pain or totally under our control.  ut God is in our present, waiting for us there.







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