Books I Recommend

(in no particular order, though multiple books by beloved authors are grouped together.)

  • Little Pieces of Light; Darkness & Personal Growth, by Joyce Rupp
  • T’is a Gift to Be Free: Daily Choices on Life’s Path, by Virginia Ann Froehle
  • Crossing the Desert, by Robert J. Wicks. Recommended by the SD. Subtitled, “Learning to let go see clearly, and live simply. “Discover the 4 Desert Questions that will lead you to take three steps to inner freedom.
  1. What am I filled with now?
  2. What prevents me from letting go?
  3. How do I empty myself?
  4. What will satisfy me yet leave me open to more?


  1. Finding your true name.
  2. Find a second word.
  3. Take a leap of faith.
  • Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting, by Holly Whitcomb
  1. Patience
  2. Loss of Control
  3. Living in the Present
  4. Compassion
  5. Gratitude
  6. Humility
  7. Trust in God
  • In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership, by Henri J.M. Nouwen
  • Life of the Beloved, by Nouwen
  • The Wounded Healer, by Nouwen
  • Compassion, by Nouwen
  • Reaching Out, by Nouwen
  • The Rule of Benedict, with commentary by Joan Chittister
  • Ears to Hear: Recognizing and Responding to God’s Call, by Edward S. Little
  • Let Your Life Speak, by Parker Palmer
  • The Active Life: Wisdom for Work, Creativity, and Caring, by Parker Palmer
  • Dream Giver, by Bruce Wilkinson
  • Why Not Become Totally Fire, by George A. Maloney (one of the first books I read that helped put me on what I identify as a mature spiritual journey.)
  • Spiritual Life: The Foundation for Preaching and Teaching, by John Westerhoff (one of the first books I read that helped put me on what I identify as a mature spiritual journey.)
  • Your God is Too Small, by J.B. Phillips
  • The Jesus Prayer, by Per-Olof Sjogren
  • Celebration of Discipline, by Richard Foster
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey

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