Books I am reading/Music I’m Listening to

Currently reading (at various rates of attentiveness!)

  • Crossing the Desert, by Robert J. Wicks.
  • The Rule of Benedict: Insights for the Ages by Joan Chittister
  • Simply Surrender (excerpted writings of St. Therese of Lisieux) from a series edited by John Kirvan, 30 Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher. I’m really enjoying using this devotional. Therese’s little way is simple, but not necessarily “easy.” Not by a long shot by we who like to believe we are “together” or self-made. (convicted!) Now if someone could just give me a phonetic guide to pronounce Lisieux? (ha ha!)

Music I repeat on my mp3 player frequently:

  • Taize (album=Sing to God)
  • Bach’s and Mozart’s easy piano solos. (I’m working on March in D Major by J.S. Bach right now)
  • Disappear (Bebo Norman)
  • Come and Fill My Heart (Avalon)
  • Viva la Vida (Coldplay)
  • More Beautiful You (Jonny Diaz)
  • Beautiful in my Eyes (Joshua Kadison)
  • most anything by Chicago (old and new) or Phil Collins (solo or with Genesis)
  • “The Greatest Women in Jazz” an album of female jazz vocalists
  • Piano Jazz by Bill Evans, Mary Lou Williams, Art Tatum, or Thelonious Monk (as a bit of an informal study in jazz appreciation…I’m new to jazz listening!)

One Response to Books I am reading/Music I’m Listening to

  1. “The Rule of Benedict” by JChittister – a favorite of mine.

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