P.S. Thanks, God

Today was my friend’s ordination to the vocational diaconate — that is, the REAL kind of deacon. <knowing wink to my Episcopal clergy friends out there>

I had prayed to stay in the present, and celebrate my friend’s joy, not ruminate over my past.  With one fleeting exception, I was in the moment, and in my friend’s blessed and joyful moments.  The fleeting moment…not a fully welled tear that even needed wiping away, only some fleeting mistiness.

(thanks, God.)

God is good.  In fact, he even came through with extra brownie points above what I’d asked for.  At the communion rail, while waiting my turn, there I caught our bishop’s eye.  He was not four feet away, and seated at an altar chair while the vested deacons (newly and long-time ordained’s) distributed the sacrament.  I was able to beam him a (nicely reciprocated!) big genuine smile while waiting for my turn to receive Communion.  Of course, the friend got a bigger more beamy smile when SHE distributed Communion to me!  :)  And it was so AWESOME to see and hear her own ultimate beaminess this day.  What joy was hers today!  She and the other newly ordained deacon shared in giving the diaconal dismissal to “go forth into the world to love and serve the Lord”, but it was her eager booming voice that entered my ear the loudest.

Thanks be to God, indeed.



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