A Milestone

–June 5, 2010–

A dear soul/spiritual friend of mine is getting ordained a deacon in the Episcopal church on June 5, 2010.

Well, I should say, “God willing and the people of God consenting” as they always humbly preface announcements of such events.  :)  (I have a feeling it’ll go on without a hitch, though.)

I first met this friend at the occasion of our shared ministry discernment weekend about 3&1/2 years ago, the last step before interviews with the Bishop for his decision on beginning the diaconal formation program.  The answer in my situation was discern some more, and come back to see me [Bishop] again.  The “come back to see me again” piece didn’t ever really happen in that context; discernment since that time hasn’t really added or subtracted much from my clarity position at the interview.  And that is tough sometimes. <sigh>


Heavenly Father, if it’s all the same with you, I’d really like to celebrate new ministry directions and steps – milestones – for my friend, and for the gift of her service to your Holy Church.  Let my attentions and presence that day be in celebration with and for my friend, not ruminations over “could have been’s” and “what if’s” about me.

I know we’ve been a little out of touch in the prayer and discernment department as of late, God.  (sorry!  I miss you, too.) I SWEAR I’ll do better if you just let me make it through this special day for my friend,  keeping me from breaking down and crying over “my” stuff and unfinished business; if there be tears let them be tears of joy for my friend.  We’ll have time for the stuff that is between you and me some other time, in the privacy of  my room in prayer…I don’t really think we need to confront and rehash those things in public on my friend’s day, do we?   Keep my focus on my friend, and on you on June 5th…help me, Father?!?

Hopefully (and sheepishly), your (well-meaning!) daughter.


2 Responses to A Milestone

  1. As I follow you via RSS feed, it’s good to hear from you again. I know those tears. Be not afraid, Karla…when God knows you are ready, God will open doors! In the meantime, keep God close and follow where God sends you. You *have* a deacon’s heart. In time…

  2. karla says:

    Jon, it is good to hear from YOU. I apologize I’ve not been so good with mutuality in the blogging/blog-following department. I was just at yours and had to get hubby in here by the computer to giggle with me at a couple of your cartoon sharings. (thinking zebras and Oz 2. CUTE!) Seriously, thanks for the kind words. Peace, bro.

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