No more tepidity for now!

I’m re-reading a book my spiritual director has re-loaned me again: “Crossing the Desert; Learning to let go, see clearly, and live simply” by Robert J. Wicks. Excellent book! I’d like to share a couple of quotes from it that are especially touching and/or convicting to me at the present time:

“Humility is the ability to fully appreciate our innate gifts and our current “growing edges” in ways that enable us to learn, act, and flow with our lives as never before. Prior to this important passage [through the narrow gate of humility] we may be drained by defensiveness or wander in our own desert chasing a false image of self that has nothing to do with who we are really meant to be.”

and another…

“[Humility] will also allow us to have the perspective, peace, and joy that comes when we know and value our ordinary transparent selves without wasting the energy it takes to add or subtract anything from whom we really are.”

and one more…

“Humility opens up a space for sound self-respect in lieu of inordinate self-doubt or unbridled self-assurance. A space for the courage needed to be ordinary instead of wasting all of our time chasing after what we believe will make us someone special.”

Let’s just say my growing edges are chafing a little right now. But the good news is I can see a little crack of light. I think I’m progressing toward that light that finally (maybe!) starts letting go of some of the wanderlust in the ol’ desert.

Time will tell. (Be near, oh God.)


2 Responses to No more tepidity for now!

  1. Amy Curl says:

    Hi, Karla! I just read this book this winter and LOVED it. So moving, so many things to consider, and so convicting and inspiring. Thank you for these pull-out quotes. I’m reading a recent Kathleen Norris book right now: Acedia & Me: A Marriage, Monks, and A Writer’s Life. It’s beautiful and intense.

    • karla says:

      AMY!!! So great to hear from you. You’re welcome for the quotes…more to come. That’s my prayer style of the moment…read a good spiritual writer, reflect on it, share a snippet or two. Not quite up to writing much of my own stuff these days, but that’s okay…I’m awfully wordy much of the time anyway!

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