Welcome home, Sonic!

So, yeah.  I blogged publicly that I wouldn’t get a beagle.

Um… <ahem>   Oops!


“Sonic” is the latest addition to our family.  He’s an 8-year-old, overweight, lazy, very lovable beagle.  And my daughter and I just love him.  The son is out with boy scouts today…will meet him tomorrow when we pick him up.  That should be a surprise!  Peace, all! – Karla


2 Responses to Welcome home, Sonic!

  1. Satchel Pooch says:

    Aw! He’s SO CUTE! ::: major ear skritches :::

  2. karla says:

    Well, thanks, we sure think so, too! He just keeps on bonding & working his little way into our hearts; tonight he was bopping between my daughter and myself for scritches and kisses, and “Aw!”‘s, gentlemanly taking turns between his new womenfolk. The guys like him too, but the daughter and I are doing the most cooing and persisting the most for reciprocating canine love.

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