Greyhound Rescue Dog?

I’ve been reading up a little on retired racing greyhounds.  My city has an active rescue group, and they do meet and greets at a local pet store periodically….foster families and the dogs, I presume?  I’m going to one this Saturday, I think.

I would ordinarily lean toward a smaller dog…medium sized, probably not toy.  But what I read about greyhounds surprised me!  More than one site identified them as 40 mph couch potatoes.  Couch potatoes!  Who’d a thunk it!  We’re sort of couch potatoes.  Low shedding, little doggy odor, even when wet.  Don’t bark much.  Cuddles with pillows and whatnot.  I don’t know…I may have found my doggie type???

Anyone with experience or stories to share?  I’d love to hear them.  Stepson’s wedding is in mid-June, and then the dog adoption process can get underway – no further travel plans for the foreseeable future.  The kids are getting so excited about getting a dog again.  I am too!


One Response to Greyhound Rescue Dog?

  1. Satchel Pooch says:

    We used to exercise our Lab mix at the same place as a guy with a rescued greyhound. The dog’s speed was absolutely jaw-dropping — he needed a LOT of room to run. But he was a nice dog and his owner seemed quite besotted with him.

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