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This gave me a wry smile, discovered at the header of my gmail page, one of those random quotes they throw out at you:

Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.

(Bill Vaughan)

In other randomness, I don’t know whether to be delighted or annoyed.  I’m getting spam here at the blog.  Should I be delighted that maybe this is a sign that I’m getting more real readers? (doubtful, but you know how we naive optimists can be at times!)  Annoyed, well, cuz it’s spam?

In my final random moment, had the neatest deja vu experience!  My SD, a priest at a different Episcopal parish than the one I attend, started what I suppose is his own Lenten discipline, calling it an e-retreat.  He takes a scriptural passage, reflects on it, and draws out the readers in wondering and prayer along with him, and does this via an email list.

He added me to his list, and I’m rather enjoying the reflections and wondering questions.  I once did that as a spiritual discipline.  Oh, of course, it was completely amateur, but I had fun, I grew, and I tried.  It’s a long story, but I used to reflect on our weekly lectionary passages, and try to write adult-level wondering questions, in the same spirit of the wondering questions I would use with my Sunday School/Worship Center children.

But even that is not the deja vu part.  I had tried to form a community of learners and explorers around these amateur reflections.  Got a pretty good-sized percentage of my small parish to willingly sign up to get the reflections – and I think a good chunk of those actually read along, too, not merely politely giving their passive assent to get email from me.  Well, I wasn’t so successful in stimulating conversation, and I have several theories about why that was.  But the SD says that there’s someone out there who approached him about having an email dialogue around them.  I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what comes of that.  It’s so hard for me to get to small groups.  I feel guilty leaving the husband and kids behind for such things, after being at work all day.  And then there’s also just the challenge of finding the time with being a working mom of two elementary aged kids.  Email dialogue, and now blogging, seem a good compromise of what’s in the cards for me, spiritual conversation-wise.  We shall see, I guess!



One Response to Suburbia QuoteShare

  1. karla says:

    From the mouths of (tweener) babes: “Why do they call it Oak Place? (when there are no obvious trees for blocks around.

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