Long Time, No Write

Hi there!  If I still have readers, thank you.  Haven’t written in a while.  I’m kind of mentally weary with work and a new computer system.  I’ve never been one to sit down in front of the television and just veg-out after supper, but it’s becoming a bit seductive to just let my brain sort of gellify there with butt comfortably planted in couch instead sitting at attention in a desk chair, typing away.  Someday…  Someday soon I will become efficient and be able to do my job without concentrating on the what-used-to-be-routine aspects of my job, and some of  my mental energies will be left over after work for leisurely, entertaining (& mentally engaging!) pursuits.  I hope! (ha ha!)

Unrelated to my work issues, I’ve decided to retire from teaching Sunday school in my church at the end of this school year.  And, uncharacteristically for me in recent years, I have no plans to fill that ministry hole back in with something new.  I’m taking a break.   Oh, I think I’ll be more generous in doing self-contained things, like signing up to read a scripture passage during Eucharist, or administer the chalice, or even just pull a coffee hour shift more often, but no more being “in charge”; no more being responsible for ongoing continuity of anything for a while.  Prayed over it, consulted with wise friends about it, and feeling good, blessed, and not guilty over it.  Wasn’t even that hard to make the announcement to those in my church.  What a relief.

And now, hopefully I’ll have some pondering someday soon, but if not, talk to you again one of these days!


3 Responses to Long Time, No Write

  1. Hi Karla!
    I haven’t posted to your blog in a while…LIFE! IT HAPPENS!
    I wanted to ask your opinion on multi-tasking and why it could be bad for you…I have worked in the mortgage industry for several years, and now find myself at a different job where we are required to multi task more. In lending it was more concentration at the task at hand to get it done right the first time. I have read that multi-tasking can actually be bad for you, and when done one can lose about 50% of efficiency, hence creating a negative sprial. Any thoughts?
    Have a prayerful lent…

  2. karla says:

    “Life, it happens.” Ain’t that the truth! I

    Multi-tasking. Interesting topic to ponder. What kind of job are you in now? (Meanwhile I think this topic of multi-tasking could make for a post on its own…thinking, thinking…thanks for the “assignment” … maybe just the prod I needed! (ha ha!)

  3. […] in JustLife at 7:38 pm by karla In a recent comment by Suzanne Simonovich, she asked me my opinion on multitasking, and why it could be bad for […]

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