Brief, not very heated “rant”

I’m feeling a little apathetic toward the whole church thing these days.  No biggie, in the bigger scheme of things.  Either it will pass with time, or it will fall in the big deal – get over yourself realm of things.

But for this moment, right now, it is what it is, to use a somewhat tired cliche.

Had family stuff going on the past three weeks, so missed church.  Today, we attended, and we’re having this little experiment in our parish of something they call “common Sunday.”  The notion being to bring the 8:00 attenders and the 10:00 attenders together in a meet me half-way fashion; worshipfully, socially, the whole she-bang.  We start at 9:00, and alternate between Rite 1 and Rite 2, doing this Common Sunday once a month on the last Sunday of the month.

I’m a 10:00’er.  I began my foray into Episcopalianism as an 8:00’er though.  I guess my attentions weren’t terribly focused on the words used.  That sounds awful in one sense, and yet it would be untrue to say I wasn’t attentive to the movings of the spirit, and the return to being a regular churchgoer.  Those were special times in my journey in faith.  I re-commited myself to a spiritual journey in those early days, and I most certainly was attentive to God.

I hope I still am. (???)

But I will say this much.  The jarring contrast in themes and worldview (for lack of the better adjective that currently escapes me?) was enough to make me want to cringe at times.  I had even gone so far to inwardly dismiss the word-wars that other Episcopalians sometimes engage in.  “It’s not that much different” I would tell myself, what’s the big deal, I would privately chide the “whiners.”

I guess I’m a whiner now, too.  But I’m still (mostly!) keeping it to myself.  Can’t wait to return to Rite 2!!!!!!!!

………Then again, I can make an actual post out of this –  with “real” pondering, not merely whining and ranting.  I’ll get to work on that.  Til then…

Peace, all! – Karla


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