To the (very!) simple pleasures in life…

Karla gets book, “Getting Things Done” from the library.

Karla enjoys it. Picks up the (hindsightedly obvious!) organizational tip to use a tickler file at home. More of a duh moment, given that she has used one indispensably at work for YEARS, without putting together the cute name, or its immense applicability to home/personal life.

Karla bites the bait of the author’s advice to use a labelmaker.  A gimmick that should remove psychological barriers to necessary filing with its neat, typeset labels.  “I can’t explain it, but people invariably report that it works” the author relates from his past advice-giving experiences.  Fun perhaps, he muses?  Hmm.  <insert friendly, mild eye-brow raising skepticism>  All the same…

Karla orders said gadget from Staples….    …it arrives…


Karla has (rather sophomoric!) fun labeling her family instead of IN ADDITION TO her manila folders.

Who knew a labeler could be such fun? Heart borders for the seven-year-old girl. More masculine borders for the ten-year-old boy. “Awesome Dad of the World” label for the hubby…

Yup. Having fun. Stay tuned & see if Karla actually derives home-organizational benefit from the gimmick of typeset labels. (hope springs eternal….)


2 Responses to To the (very!) simple pleasures in life…

  1. I went nuts once with a label maker at work. Be careful, K-w-a-k, or you’ll feel like God in Genesis naming everything.

  2. karla says:

    Oh yes, I’m dizzy with power already, Jon! Bwuh-ha-ha-ha-hahhhh!!!!!!!!

    (to those who haven’t witnessed my [humorously?] megalomaniacal side yet, that’s my faux evil cackle as I “revel” in my powers.)

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