Wii Outdoor Challenge Active Life

Just returned from our becoming annual event of Christmas in January with the stepson and family.  They got my kids the Wii game, “Outdoor Challenge” using the new Active Life Mat controller.  You jog, jump, row, & more –  you can play alone, compete with a friend, cooperate with a friend…

…you can play your children’s game and have the re-realization of what an out-of-shape couch spud you truly are!  Experiencing painful calves today after some rousing Outdoor Challenge games played yesterday…

(I gotta say though, it was genuinely fun!  No lie.)

Thinking this could become a (fun?) workout for me, the exercise-allergic?  I’ll keep you informed as I rack up my APs (Active Points)

Or not…if you’ve been with me any length of time you’ll well know not to hold your breath on THAT arena, don’t you?  (ha ha ha!!!)

(two of my personal faves are Mole Whacker and Jump Rope <smile>)


One Response to Wii Outdoor Challenge Active Life

  1. karla says:

    2 days in a row of active gameplay for this couch slouch. woo-hoo!!! (almost) unsore calves, too. :)

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