Bright People and Freaking Out!?!

Bright People & Freaking Out!?!

Today, we are in the midst of a visit to my stepson, his fiance, and their daughter’s home.  Having a great time, and took up the invitation to use their computer/internet connection.

(mental note to give thanks for DSL at home.  Haven’t used dial-up in a long time.  That’s been a GOOD thing.)

Anyway, I have a hunch that my daughter and future daughter-in-law are planning a birthday surprise for me in the kitchen, so this isn’t antisocial behavior on my part. I have been urged to “keep out.”

Earlier, I was reading a book I recently got at the library that I’m enjoying a great deal, and believe I will really benefit from:  “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.  A quote caught my eye that I thought I’d share with y’all.  A great deal of truth packed in this little comment. (p. 240 of Getting Things Done)

Bright people have the capability of freaking out faster and more dramatically than anyone else.

Now, sure, this quote was directed toward the target audience of “knowledge workers” who are trying to organize their choices and work most effectively, and the book went on to make the comparison between the “oaf” who just plods on in and starts doing something, vs. the “bright” person who sees all the alternatives in his mind, agonizing over the forks in the road, the roadblocks, the MAYBE roadblocks, and becomes paralyzed into some sort of self-delusional pretending it doesn’t exist, and letting it just sit there.

This quote though immediately reminded me of my son.  He was, and is, a bright, sweet boy.  As a youngster, he was much more reserved on playground equipment than other children his age.  I wondered if we’d babied him too much, and then became overly fearful as a result. Well, of course, it’s hard telling what we can take “credit” for and what belongs to him, to God, and to any other infinite number of variables in his little world, but a wise and sensitive teacher of his responded to my wonders/concerns, by pointing out his very sensitivity and intelligence as a possible explanation.  Could it be, she mused, that he is just able to foresee the possible dangers more vividly in his imagination than the other children?

Hmm…  Freaking out faster and more dramatically.  Sounds familiar.  Uh, meaning by that the familiarity is his MOTHER’S contribution to his gene pool, too, not just to him.  This blogger can recall more than a few rapid/dramatic (uncalled for?) freaking’s out in her own life.  But hey, at least that suggests that I’m bright, right?  (ha ha!)

Peace to you all.  And relax if you’re freaking out too much.  Get organized and get those open loops out of your worry-wart little head, but relax already!  (advice as much to self as to any possible reader out there, as if it wasn’t completely obvious already!!!)


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  1. […] shares a quote from organizational guru David Allen that suggests that intelligent people “freak out faster and more dramatically than anyone else.” I’d have to affirm that, based on my experience in the software development world. […]

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