Snow DAY!

My city is (usually) well-known for its reticence to call school.

Today, I woke up early, in case I’d have to dig out.  But alas, the beautiful sound of no school called out to me.  There’d been a company email to listen to a certain radio station in case my employer closed.

I waited expectantly.  My clinic also doesn’t close often, but surely I thought, if the school closed, shucks, the whole city will close down, much like southern states that don’t have plows and budgets for salt.  It’s like a signal for the town to close down, right?

Wrong.  I guess the good news in it is that I was up early enough to drive nice and slowly…a husband who went out to snowblow…to live in a time when powerful snowblowers even EXIST…a road shared with drivers who were uncharacteristically considerate and careful.  Yay!

And then, surprise of surprises, our clinic closed early!  I got out at 3pm instead of 5:30.

And the kids and I played in the snow, while the wonderful hub finished snowblowing for me again.  What a nice guy.

And oddly enough, it was a pain, but I didn’t think it quite qualified for the storm of the century, from the snow volume or slippery roads standpoint.  Oh well.  Not one thing wrong with getting out of work early and playing outside with the little tykers.  Yippee.


One Response to Snow DAY!

  1. karla says:

    Uh, yeah…what was that I was saying about our schools never calling off? They were called for COLD, not once but two days in a row! 40-below windchills. BRRRRR!!!!

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