Check out this post…

…by real live preacher on finding the handshake between science and faith, and the endless search for truth.

Here’s his final paragraph that I really liked.  I resonate with it, cuz I, too,  like nothing more than to pull up a chair and sit with those who will point at the sky and journey with me.  You who have paused along your way at my blog, know that the invitation is very open!  Come join me for a leg in this journey if you’d be so inclined?  You’re welcome here at my “park bench.”

But now, here’s that excerpt from rlp.  But go on back and read the whole thing!

“I have searched for this sweet spot for many years. Sometimes I think I’ve found it. Sometimes I think I never will. But I tell you that I celebrate everyone who seeks that sweet spot and who will sit with me, pointing at the sky, reading scripture poetry, sharing bread and wine, and loving the journey. These I count as my brothers and sisters.”


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