Feel-good snippets vs the real thing…

Here’s a post that I came across in my RSS reader.  It got me thinking well outside the box I suspect the author had in mind, due to the place where my own mind likes to “hang out.”


What’s that expression – when you’re a carpenter, everything you see needs a hammer? Well, when your mind is on prayer, and you feel like you’re not praying very well, everything is about prayer. There’s a lot in this post that applies to a lot of stuff, and most assuredly to the contrast between READING about prayer vs doing the thing, PRAYING. Hmm…

You know, I almost always categorize my posts.   ‘Course, I usually express something that corresponds to the category.  I’ve categorized this one “Spiritual Pondering.”  I’ll grant you that most if not all that pondering went unpenned on this screen.  It’s okay.  Ponder it for yourself – comment if you’d like.


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