Info Overload

Oh yeah. Info overload all right! Both in what is flung toward us unrelentingly (run…run and HIDE!) and what we do to ourselves (blogging, and its attendant “hangouts” with the new friends, emails from the reach-out-and-touch crowd) we live in an info overload society. Found this quote today, and it sums up so much whatever I feel like whenever I open my work email and the overwhelming list of new messages in my inbox:

I received 500,000 discrete bits of information today, of which maybe 25 are important. My job is to make some sense of it. David Foster Wallace

Got me wondering, well, actually reminded me of a long-held wonder, of how I contribute to those multiple discrete bits? Oh, heavens I KNOW I have inundated my bosses and partners-in-crime ministry with wordy, wordy discrete bits that they had to sort through, perhaps even wearily on a certain level. (but, gol, I’m so brilliant?!? who wouldn’t want to read my missives?)

I like to think I’ve learned a lot and am still learning. My current method is compromising, cuz dang it, I like to write, and at least a few of my recipients like to “hear” what I have to say. And then there are those in the category of, like it or not, by virtue of me being their supervisor need to hear some of what I have to say. My job, as I see it in being one of the many discrete-bit-contributors (polluters?) is to always consider my target audience.

One of the techniques I’ve taken to using on a mixed level-of-interest audience is beginning an email that is starting to get a little wordy with a bullet point summary of the action points that I’m requesting from them. Then I follow with my creative flake’s dreamier more wordily meandering side. For example, I might have a mailing list that requires the action points, but makes sense to be combined with some input-solicitation requesting/vision sharing thingy stuff. I am hoping this method will honor my “just the facts” crowd, along with honoring the desire in others to be informed, sought out for input, kept in the complete and full loop crowd? Gotten no complaints yet, and, well, it hasn’t always been that way. <smile>

What have you learned about effective communication in changing times, and changing audiences, and changing platforms from which to do that communicating?
Love (as always!) to hear from you!!! Peace and blessings to y’all!

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