Historic Election!!!

I’ve got a laptop, so for the first time my full geekiness can be displayed that I am watching the news on network TV and blogging at the same time; and through the magic of blogging, I can publicly display that geekiness for anyone to see!

But enough of that.

Whatever you think of politics, there can be no denying that this is a historic election. I had on CBS news when the projected victory came on. It was approximately 10pm, and we put our kids to bed around 9pm. (put to bed – falling asleep is sorta outside my circle of control….they’re rarely if ever sleeping that quickly, well, at least the 10-year-old boy.) I called out to the boy to come upstairs to watch with us. He recalled from earlier in the evening that 270 electoral votes were needed to win. He was hugely voting for Obama, so he cheered the likes of sports fans when he put it together in his mind and saw the 283 electoral votes streaming by on the screen.

I actually got teary-eyed. Okay, sure, I’m an Obama supporter; there, I said it, but again, regardless of your political views, just think about the changes our world and country has gone through, even in my short lifetime, let alone that of folks old enough to have been alive when Martin Luther King delivered his “I have a dream” speech. I mean, wow?!? The dream is coming true, in the lifetimes of those who heard those historic words. I cannot even begin to put myself in the shoes of those who suffered under segregation practices, and culturally accepted and at times enforced racism…these people seeing the world change so much, so very, very much that a black man was able to be elected to the highest office in the land, in a country that is closely watched by the rest of the world. What a time to be alive and to be an American. Things can change. Could we actually becoming a world where the color of your skin is not going to matter? By golly, it would seem we’re getting there. This white gal has some hope, after a lifetime of administrations that have largely deserved the cynical consideration directed toward them by those in my generation.

Okay, I haven’t said anything new or insightful here. You’ve heard it all from minds far wiser than mine. Time to sign off. (the boy got to hear the historic acceptance speech, and I think he’ll remember that his old mom ensured dad’s practicality didn’t overrule his getting to listen to it. He was pretty darned excited to be included in the moment.)

Peace all! – Karla

P.S. As an aside, thankfulness pouring forth for the mild, delightful weather for this Wisconsin November. ***70’s***** Cool, no WARM! Either way, yippee!!!


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