oh. my. god.

(referencing p.59-60 of The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam, which I mentioned recently that I’ve begun reading in this post )

Last night is usually my “favorite night of the year.”  That night in the world of daylight savings time that gives us an “extra” hour of sleep.  Of course I never use it to catch up on sleep.  No, I usually twitter it away in useless busy-ness or catching up on work.

Last night I had intended to actually use it for sleep, but then the temptation of books gave in after the glow of my computer screen had been dimmed.  So I read.

I got to p. 59-60 of my book.  I literally sobbed.  I put the book down, and tried to pray.

This morning I tried to think what is within my teensy tiny circle of power and influence to do something about it?  I’ll steel myself and keep reading the book some other night.  I suspect that at a minimum my power to act includes donating money to the cause and prayer of course.  Perhaps the author will include more specific concrete suggestions as I read on.  Here’s her website once more, which I admit I haven’t explored in any great detail yet:


Heavenly Father.  I don’t know what to ask for.  I suppose it’s a little like a parent trying to bargain with you for the health of their seriously ill child.  Well, not quite that emotionally raw either, and I suppose I’m presuming insultingly to know what that heartbreaking situation must be like for a struggling parent, too, but still, Lord?!?   Are you up there?  Can you hear us? Could we maybe forfeit a little free will and you come on down, intervene, and fix things up a little down here?  Throw in a whole lot of that wrath of God stuff, bigtime?!?

Okay, outside my paygrade, as they say.  I still don’t know what to ask for, but Lord, just look on this world and drop as much grace and healing as is possible in a world that’s f-ing messed up.


(I literally can’t bring myself to repeat the passages I read in the book, but it had to do with the author detailing some of the horrific child rape that takes place in the brothels.  Lord have mercy and compassion.)


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