Spiritual Resource Links added to my right sidebar!

For anyone interested, I have just beefed up my list-o-links section.  I’ve added a section called “Spiritual Resources.”  A few examples?  I’ve added links to online versions of the Book of Common Prayer, NRSV Bible (the translation frequently read in so-called “mainline” Protestant denom’s), and the A.A. Big Book.  There’s some links to interesting info from my days of diaconal surfing research.  There’s a few other things of interest…Revised Common Lectionary, links to Daily Office downloads, etc.

Anglican folks will readily recognize much of this.  But maybe my Christian friends from other traditions may find some of it interesting, too!  Forgive me in advance if I’ve used Anglo-jargon that is unfamiliar.  But feel free to check out the links on my blog site as you wish.  Briefly here’s a description of some terms that may be jargonesque to some. (??? — they were to me when I first entered the Episcopal church anyway, so I offer the explanations in that humble spirit.)

  • The Book of Common Prayer in particular is something of a classic in devotional literature, adding a measure of ritual and discipline and embracing theology in its well-written prayers to share “in common”, and being known for its ecumenism.
  • Lectionary. Churches that use a “lectionary” preach and teach based on a set rotation of scriptures common to many Christian bodies, and many clergy and laity in these traditions find it an effective guard against picking and choosing topics of interest by the pastor, and ensuring a balance of selected scriptures.  It is a 3-year rotation.
  • The Daily Office is printed and prescribed in the Book of Common Prayer.  It is based on a monastic praying of the hours, borrowed from our catholic tradition.

In any event, enjoy perusing these resources if you wish!

Peace to you all. – Karla


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