Advance Planning

(advance planning, ironically not coming from this slightly random post tonight though!)

Kids crack me up!

I posted “premeditated tangling” a post or two back about my daughter’s long-range planning over her May birthday and Christmas.  Perfectly appropriate and important in her eyes.

Tonight, we’re driving home from a visit to Grandma’s house, and she expresses disdain for people already getting up Halloween decorations.  The lack of judgment over time, and the opinionated ideas are so funny when you’re with her.

Both kids had a day off school today.  The boy went to work on a paper-bag “dummy” creation.  That child does love his duct tape.  He came up with a quite amusing creation, that I could shake its latex gloved hand even.  I took advantage of it without his urging.  His eyes visibly lit up at the mutual appreciation of his efforts.  The daughter was busy displaying a delightful tiara she had decorated with glitzy jewels and glitter glue.  Very glam.  Grandma and Grandpa were only too happy to join in their proud creative moments.  They got to play while I went off to a <insert dramatic YAWN here> pre-diocesan Convention hearing.  Hey, it’s gotta be done…I don’t fault them that.  I thank God there are people who feel some sort of calling to balancing budgets and serving Robert’s Rules of Order so I can remain free to (usually!) go off and be the creative flake that I am.  (I say that with affection…some of my best friends are creative flakes!)

And with that, Ifeel I must end this random post.  (topic sentence?  Structure, any kind of structure at all?!?  Just how many unrelated themes did YOU detect in that sentence?  Eh, sometimes that’s all the fingers can spew forth.  <smile>)

Peace, all – Karla


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