Premeditated Tangling!

Okay, so we’re driving to piano lessons tonight.  The second grade daughter starts quizzically asking me if she can do this or that for her birthday.  (now please understand, the dear child’s birthday is in MAY!)  I told her, kindly, but assertively, that I didn’t want to talk about her birthday in September.  Always the sensitive one, she thought I had gotten mad.  No, no, I assured her.  I simply didn’t want to discuss options NOW that are subject to change multiple times before the special day comes around.  Practically minded, as she also is, she remarked that she forgets when the exciting day rolls around, but talking about it now helps her remember.

Undaunted, she moved into the far more proximal CHRISTMAS planning.  The dear child (I wish I could have watched what I imagine was probably a very earnest expression on her face, but alas, I had responsibilites to the other drivers on the road) rattled off the various activities and traditions, new and old, that we had to be sure and include.  Among these was a plan to have me tangle her in tinsel.  Hmm.  Gold or silver…maybe BOTH!!!

I had to laugh.

She had to ask me why.

I said, “Well, sweetie, you just crack me up.  Some kids might tangle themselves in tinsel by accident.  Some might do it on purpose, but darned few announce their “plans” to include that activity in advance to their mommies.”

(this is too much…the dear child came home and forfeited a turn on the computer before bedtime to prepare her Christmas List.

Advance Christmas Planning

Advance Christmas Planning

I had to add my own geeky contribution (on computer, in her genes…) and added it to my tada lists, mentioned in a recent post.  She was simultaneously impressed and wondering why I would type it.  Impressed that I cared enough to keep a copy, I think, wondering why bother with a computer when she HAS a list already.  Clearly, she forgets how many lost lists she has created.)

Peace, all! – Karla


2 Responses to Premeditated Tangling!

  1. That is seriously adorable. I hope all her wishes come true!

  2. karla says:

    Thanks! She has adopted my computerized list concept in a HEARTBEAT and has methodically added a few more line items. She remembered that she should include a to-do to make a list to Santa for herself. Barring the as-yet-uncomposed list to Santa where dreams can start running really wild and big, I do believe I can help her make all *these* wishes come true.

    (hey, thanks for stopping by, Satchel. )

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