Hello, High Calling Bloggers

My existing readers are nearby…the kind I can reach out and touch with little effort. Friends, family here in my “real world.” It is possible, that with the addition of that little orange box on the right side of my blog page that I’ll make some more new friends in my e-world. New-era pen pals!

(I used to LOVE corresponding with pen pals when I was a little girl. I still remember the tail end of the “Big Blue Marble” television program on PBS on Saturday mornings! I got a pen pal from Malaysia out of that clearing house. Very cool.)

It’s interesting, to me anyway, how I came to make the decision to become a blogger.

I used to manage an email-based discussion list for fellow members of my parish (congregation) over the Bible readings we would share in worship that Sunday morning. Participation in such venues is always limited to a certain niche…it attracts a small segment of people that are interested enough, and simultaneously have enough time to participate in such an online discussion. I totally understood such limited participation, but I hoped for more interaction, all the same. Eventually I sort of drifted away from doing reflections regularly.

I realized that my reflections were functionally speaking more like blog entries than the hoped-for discussion starters. And a friend once remarked to me, after reading some email correspondence with me over my wonderings and wrestlings with faith matters, that I “should get a blog.”

One day as the lack of participation by me or others in the email group struck my consciousness, the suggestion of a blog re-entered my mind. I started following a few blogs, and searching the archives of one I liked particularly, real live preacher, I found a post there that really resonated with me. It inspired me to respond to it in a journaling, blogging style. I wanted to incude large hunks of it in my own (as yet “potential”) post, so I emailed the blog author, Gordon Atkinson, for permission to quote his post, sort of extensively.

I was so delighted to receive a reply from him, including a remark to consider joining this blog network that he helps administer, High Calling Blogs. So, I sat on it awhile, started following a few more blogs in this particular network, commenting once in a while, and I decided one day, acting on it actually last night, to go ahead and join this network.

“Make new friends, and keep the old;

one is silver and the other gold.”

Here’s to all my silver and golden friends! The ones I currently have and the ones I haven’t met yet. Love and God’s peace to you all! – Karla


5 Responses to Hello, High Calling Bloggers

  1. I’m so glad you found us! That little rhyme appeared in my life again last year when my daughter joined brownies… Ah fun.

    I just finished creating a netvibes page with all of the bloggers, by the way. (I haven’t added you yet, sorry!) You can see it at http://www.netvibes.com/highcallingblogs

    I look forward to getting to know you!

  2. karla says:

    Why, thank you, Mark.

    (I believe Brownies may have been where my own little introduction to the rhyme took place! hee hee! What memories…)

  3. Karla,

    Welcome to High Calling Blogs. I’ll be dropping by to read your writing. Looking forward to it.

  4. hi, Karla, welcome to the blogosphere. Nice to meet you, I came over via the High Calling feed.


  5. karla says:

    Thank you, Monica and rlp.

    I don’t know the “etiquette” here about commenting on one’s own blog, but, well, whatever! I’m glad to have you stop by, so a-commenting I shall boldly and happily go…

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