Spiritual discipline Aug 2008 (always subject to change)

I have an update! If you’ve been with me from my (oh so far back! ha ha!) beginnings, you’ll remember this post, where I talked of my spiritual discipline.

“Spiritual Discipline July 2008 (always subject to change)” Well THAT didn’t take very long now, did it!

Nothing earth shattering here. But kinda humorously lame in a way. So whether you’re here for deep spiritual content, a good laugh, or cuz you’re my dad and, well, you just uncritically but lovingly dig most anything I write or do, read on! (thanks, Dad! <blush>)

Well, first the honest confession that I haven’t gotten much better about my intent to rededicate myself to a routine that includes regular Centering Prayer since that July posting of mine. Bummer. But I’m still working on it.

But enough of that silly brow beating! Here it is! I’m going to (drum roll please…)


(the crowd utters a collective gasp of surprise and shock!)

Uh, that’s all well and nice Karla, but your post-title claims to be about your spiritual discipline? Huh?

Has something to do with that “body is the Temple of God” notion. Hopefully I didn’t mess up that quote too bad to commit some unintentional heresy. Somewhere it is written, if not in the Bible itself, then in longstanding church tradition, that we need to honor our bodies, and care for them. What we put into them – what exercise we give them.

Of course back in bible days, the notion of exercise outside one’s daily activities of existence would have been foreign. But today we need to think about moving our bodies.

I have consistently abandoned every single exercise regimen I have started. Without exception.

I have a new approach this time around. Lower expectations!

The 10-year-old son saw me hefting my (pitifully puny!) dumbbells the other night and wondered what I was doing. Understand now, the concept of exercise is NEARLY foreign to this computer-game-loving youngster. So I pertly described my new exercise program and confessed my past failures to the boy.

My exercise regimen consists of three, count them, THREE arm exercises with dumbbells. Striving for 2-3 times per week, 2 sets of 8 reps. Yeah, I AM all that, thank you very much. <smile>

Yeah!  Like mine are that heavy?!?

Yeah! Like mine are that heavy?!?

You know how a watched pot never boils, right? Well, of COURSE I needed my pot to boil, so I headed downstairs to our family room, leaving the kitchen pot and did my “workout”. I proudly reported my success story to the hubby…another poster child for the couch potato movement, I might add. He tried, I’ll give him credit, to share in my small triumph, but he just couldn’t help asking, “But… you just went downstairs? You’re DONE already?”

(and, notably, the pot had NOT started boiling yet.)


Anyway, I’m taking the approach of offering my resistance to exercising as a spiritual discipline, and an offering to God. No promises here, but plenty of optimistic hope. Once I’ve developed a habit (teeth gritting endurance?) for the unassuming routine I’ve selected, I’m planning to add leg exercises. I’ve got ankle weights…uh, yeah, that’s from one of my past failures in this discipline.

What I have learned from my other past failures is I will NOT ever join a gym again. That particular psychology of attempting to call upon my cheapskate gene does not seem to work on me, despite other clear victories of being cheap. Nope, in this case I just watch my checkbook get drained of the monthly fee, while my muscles stagnate. (in front of the, uh, computer? oops! got a way to go there, don’t I?)

Peace all! – Karla


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