I’m a Blog Newbie

Yup.  It’s true, and probably painfully obvious….  I’m a newbie.  I’m sure it must show.  As of this writing, for example, the photo header at my blogsite (i.e. when you view it at the original site, not on an email subscription or an RSS feed) still shows some very generic scene in the “customizable” header that WordPress, my blogging host, has made available to me.  Some lovely cityscape, I’m sure meaningful to someone…just not to ALL the masses who use this canned blog theme.  <sigh>

I’m not mentioning any names here, but contact me off list (you know who you are, oh crafty church secretary who’s faithfully tagging along with my little ol’ blog here?) or family/friends who might be able to suggest a personalized, but not too revealing image header idea for me?

I don’t know….I’m hesitant about posting pics or names of people who aren’t choosing to be public, you know what I mean?  In particular my dear darlin’ kiddo’s.  But maybe there’s some collage of imagery that could have meaning to me and those close to me, or the themes about which I write that I could incorporate into a long, horizontal, very SHORT image header on top.

The other thing I’m noticing, as I read more blogs by others who have more experience and readership, is that it seems very commonplace to include photos, even you-tube video’s. (???)  I’m not that talented, technologically for video.  I can’t even figure out how to get the video clips off my digital camera to view on my own computer, let alone post them online some way or another.  Individual photos?  Sure, I can do that, task-wise.  I merely lack the creative, artistic eye to select a photo that fits my writing theme.  Maybe I should have a creative consultant?  (ha ha!!!)

For now, with my oh-so-far-and-wide readership, y’all are gonna have to settle for my trademark wordiness, without the cute clipart and photos.  Hmm…now that I think of it, maybe wordiness is the actual answer???  Maybe THERE’s an image for my header?  A whole lot of words spewing forth from a dialogue cartoon bubble?  Hmm??? (ha ha!!!)

Signing off…must stop procrastinating over my article that’s due (insert brief but blatant embarrassed clearing of throat) tomorrow.  (nervous gulping of throat.)

Till next time! – Karla


One Response to I’m a Blog Newbie

  1. karla says:

    Talk about talking to myself! (ha ha!) Added a personalized photo header the other day.

    Later! – Karla

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