Sleeping in – AHHH! OUCH?!?

Today I decided to sleep in. I’ve never been a morning person, but I’ve taken a change in job duties that has removed evening shifts from my weekly routine. I go to church faithfully on Sunday morning, and often as not, I have something for myself or children scheduled on Saturday mornings. So, it’s been rare that I’ve slept in during the mommy-of elementary-aged-children phase of my life.

Not one thing on the schedule this morning – oh lots of to-do items, don’t get me wrong, but nothing scheduled for Saturday, August 9, 2008 in the morning hours. So I decided I was sleeping in! I joked with the hubby, I bet I won’t make it past 8:00! I bet my internal clock has been set to call 8:00 “sleeping in.”

Well, my eyes didn’t alight on a timepiece until 8:30. Momentarily frazzled and wondering what I was going to be “late” for, that soon passed. I had to go to the bathroom, but not so bad I had to tumble out of bed and knock the sleepfulness right out of me. I nodded back off to sleep.

10:00 rolled around. A satsifed sigh came with it. There. Now THAT’S sleeping in. I rubbed my eyes and the sleepers from them. Hmm. They were a little more tenacious than usual…and more “stingy” than usual. That right one – hmm- DANG! That little bugger really HURTS. It started coming as a semi-discrete area of really intense stinging. Imagine what it would be like if you could somehow introduce a drop of soap into your eye, with a semi-permeable barrier around the droplet. An intense center of sting and ouch, with a fuzzy, but very noticeable boundary to the pain. DANG! There. It’s going away. Oh man…this time I’m doubling over, actually doing deep breathing, wishing, praying it would stop. Well, okay, it hurts, but in the big scheme of things, it’s only been a few minutes. I’m thinking, I’ll go take a shower; maybe the warm water will rinse some foreign body out and sooth my eye, and all will be well.

11am? I’m calling my friend and optometrist. Wonderful woman! I sort of have a hunch that my eye would have taken care of itself in the next 24 hours, but then again maybe not? At any rate, she was very gracious, and took great ccare of my owie eye. She told me I had an unusually shaped, jaggedy corneal abrasion. Who knows how I got that?!? She put in this zinger of an eye drop (OUCH!) and then seconds later, AHHHHH! The power of the local anesthetic. Yay, and happy days are back to my eyeball again! Then she finished the exam, asked me what antibiotic eye drops are on my formulary (saved me 20 bucks in doing so! Yay!) and sent me on my way with (catch this!) a contact lens EYE BANDAID!!! Folks, this is cool. Closest thing I can say to describe it is like moleskin for your cornea. A cushion, reducing the friction. Wonderful little self-adherent piece of plastic. Yup! I felt pampered and babied. Of course, I gotta tell you, right now, my vision is a little fuzzy. Very disorienting, so I trust you’ll overlook the occasional typo, as I’m not at my best game right now.

Off to write an article now for a church newspaper. I’ll have someone else proofread over that!

Peace to you all, and thank God for modern optometric care. That’s Isthmus Eyecare, if you’re looking for a really cool optometrist! Dr. Connie Copeland. (here’s Connie’s bio at her website)


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