Mom! Go!!!

Last night I was busily blogging and emailing away. (I know, I know, get a life.) My daughter comes in with a little note, and a great big smile of uncertain motivations pasted on her little 7-year-old face.

“Mommy. Here, read this.”

So, of course I instantly looked away from my screen, gave my weary fingers a break and took a look at the note she had pushed under my nose, her eyes eager with anticipation. The smile remaining, and again, body language not 100% reliable in conveying the motivations behind her smile.

Hey Mom!  Read this.

"Hey Mom! Read this."

(in case the reproduction isn’t that great to the computer screen, her writing says, “mom GO!” The stuff on top was crossed out to make room for this communique, made especially – almost anyway! – for me.)

I looked at her, internally feeling squirmy and guilty. Was I ignoring her too much? Had she been trying to get my attention? Had she been seeking and hoping for a turn on the computer?

Turns out, no! Her writing skills are, of course, still under development. With complete transparency, genuineness, and honesty, she was practically bursting at the seams to further explain it to me.

Daughter: “That means ‘Go, Mom!'” (the body language that words can’t adequately portray translated to something between a perky cheerleader’s cry and a “You go, girl!” kind of assertion to a friend.

Of course, we had a hug and some giggles. Then she was back to her drawing and writing.

Maybe someday SHE’LL write a blog! (ha ha!)


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